Child Development ministry a solution – what are the problems?

Underdeveloped areas are suffering due to many issues. Root of all the problems, uneducated people and their practices. Lack of education can lead to wrong faith practices and beliefs systems. Following are the most common problems in the remote villages:

Literacy rate – All projects that Light the Candle International inc, execute are in the remote villages where literacy rate is very low. Parents do not read or write. This lead to low use of science and technology in their life. There are villages without knowledge of materials such as daily hygiene such as tooth paste, soap, use of pen or pencil, use of electricity, practices of wearing sandals to protect feet, use of tools for farming, use of computers to communicate with others.

Employment – Rural villagers suffer for consistent income. They depend on agriculture and daily wages. Land owners can reap the benefits of corps but the underprivileged workers depend on daily wage jobs in these farming fields for their livelihood.

Human Rights and Law enforcement- Caste systems and racism dived the society. Justice denied to so many underprivileged. The right to equal treatment before the law is a dream for many of them. No protection or freedom from torture and inhumane treatments in many places.

Infrastructure – Most of the villages are having poor housing, poor roads, lack of schools and colleges, lack of medical supplies or no availability of educated doctors.

Schools – Most of the villages are struggling due to lack of schools and qualified teachers. Some of the school are very poor in infrastructure, no proper classrooms or toilets. Children sit on the mud floors. Teachers are not equipped with tools to teach such as white boards or chalks.

Hospitals – Medical treatment during the time of medical emergency is not an option for these villages. Most of the villages do not have hospitals or qualified doctors.