• Child Development Centers (CDC) in remote villages are the key initiatives of Light the Candle International Inc. We partner withRead More
  • Light the Candle Board of Directors meet every month to review the monthly report from each project. During the monthlyRead More
  • LOCAL AGENCIES: We only work with Christian organizations that follow the local government registrations and rules and have a governingRead More
  • Physical Activities
    In our child development program, children are encouraged to stay active and develop a healthy lifestyle. All our centers planRead More
  • Child development centers provide daily meals for the children. Carefully planned daily meals and snacks help children’s physical growth. OurRead More
  • We train every child on below listed skillset identified during their curriculum training period. When each child complete 10th standardRead More
  • Medical Camps
    Medical camps can play an important role in the lives of children, including supporting their social, emotional, and physical development. Medical Camps provideRead More
  • Physical Activites
    Child development centers focus on children’s social skill development. Social activities help children meet new people and strengthen your relationships.Read More