Light the Candle International Inc was founded in 2010, with a desire to assist marginalized and underprivileged children to achieve socioeconomic growth.  There by providing assistance to education, meeting nutritional needs and above all introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ.

One of the inspiration was an orphan child’s testimony during the visit by one of our team member John Geevarghese, to a child development center in the state of Karnataka, India.  Then director of the project Rev. James M Koshy took him to attend a special program at a child development project to get a first hand view of the work that was happening there and also to participate in the special event took place on that day.  This helped our team member to see how much child development projects are influencing these children in the remote villages to grow up in all aspects of their life.  Not just feeding them only, but also providing educational help, spiritual training and socioeconomic development.

On his return, John Geevarghese shared his experience with his Christian friends. This influenced six individuals from the Bay area, California, to work together and to create an organization to help underprivileged children. The first step was to fund a pilot project at the Hoskote Mission Field in Karnataka, India to provide academic enrichment to the children of the community. This initiative, sparked by the testimony of an orphan boy, has now become Light the Candle International Inc. (LTCI), an organization committed to spreading the Gospel among underprivileged children through socioeconomic and academic development. Not only does LTCI seek to change the lives of underprivileged children, but it also works with youth and adults in developed countries to grow in compassion, kindness, and love towards these underprivileged children.

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