Donate to Light The Candle

You can participate in our Ministry in 2 ways:

  1. Make a pledge to sponsor one or more children – use the Sponsor Page to do this. Each sponsorship costs $240 annually ($20 per month).
  2. Make a periodic or one-time donation to cover the expenses of un-sponsored children and other on-going expenses. For eg. There may be incidental expenses like a medical treatment for a child, un-foreseen issues affecting the lives of the children or staff. There are also times where we need to support expansion of the projects and infrastructure.

Donating Via Zelle

Zelle is the now preferred way to accept donations as it is commission free. You can send a Zelle payment to Please mention your email in the memo so that we can send you a receipt.

Donating Via PayPal

Click on the Donate Button below to be taken to the PayPal site. Be sure to add the memo for your donation.