• This summer my family and I had the unique opportunity of visiting one of the oldest and best-known mission fields of the Mar Thoma Church in Hoskote, Karnataka.  The trip opened my eyes to the mission work carried out by the Mar Thoma Church.  More importantly, I was struck by the spirit of God that I felt was prevalent in the mission field We set out from Bangalore on a Saturday afternoon. Our driver Sadhu, a Tamil Catholic, drove us swiftly over an unusually smooth highway, passing by places such
  • “Amma!!” I can hear my son cry out while playing outside. My heart skips a beat as I rush to aid him and get him back on his feet. I look frantically for any bruises on him, so I can comfort him and attend to his injuries. Our kids are so fortunate to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment with their parents on guard 24/7. Sadly though there are many kids of the same age and bright personalities out in the world with no access to resources that meet
  • Suvin Varghese sponsored a child in our projects. But when he visited the projects, it was a whole new experience.. Suvin Varghese was born and raised in the United States of America and was 19 years old in 2012. He had an opportunity to visit Light the Candle International Inc(LTCI), projects in INDIA during June 2012 with his family. Read his personal testimony after visiting these children in LTCI projects. How thankful are we for the things we have? Simple things, like hot water, food, a roof over our heads,
  • Child Development in Remote Villages How many of you are aware of the fact that human trafficking is a $32 billion annual industry. According to the United Nations recent statistics, more than 2.5 billion people around the world are ensnared in this evil industry. This is modern-day slavery. The majority of the victims are underprivileged children and women. Poor children are getting trafficked into beggar mafia hands, terrorist groups, Maoist/Naxal activities.  Women and girls are typically trafficked into the commercial sex industry. Some of the human traffickings are highly visible