How sponsorship money is spent in the CDC ?

Above pie chart summarize how we spend sponsorship money. 100% of your sponsorship money goes to child development activities. We conduct board meetings on the fourth Tuesday of every month. We spend a lot of time reviewing activity and financial reports from each of our projects. Our country supervisor visits projects at least once in a quarter and collects first-hand information about each project. One of the key metrics we monitor, is the attendance of children in each project. We make sure every child gets the maximum benefit of the program. We follow a strict events calendar for every project to make sure that each center executes a daily routine, weekly spiritual and academic lessons, VBS programs, medical camps, parents meetings, extracurricular education etc. The pie-chart shown below explains how we spent the $20 per month of sponsor’s contribution for each of the children. Some of our sponsors make one time contribution that we use for unsponsored children’s expenditure and incidental expenses such as postage and stationery expenditure. Remember all board members are volunteers and board member’s missions field trips are self funded.