A Dream Come True – Story of Pushpa Dhan

we are so excited to share with you an encouraging yet a very compelling story of a young orphan girl. Her name is Pushpa Dhan. She has been with us since 2012. She is under the guardianship of a cousin brother and his wife as she has no parents. Her older sister is married and has moved out and her older brother has left in search of job and is not in contact with her. You can see Pushpa’s photo with her house in the background.

Pushpa is doing everything she can do to fight against poverty, malnutrition, human trafficking, child labor and all sorts of oppression and discriminations that follow all young boys and girls in such circumstances. Instead of being a victim to these crippling social problems, she chose to rise above them. Through the support and guidance from Light the Candle a bright future is possible for Pushpa.

Pushpa completed her high school education in 2019 and graduated 12th grade in 2021. This year after getting Grade 12 results, Ambatoli CDC director helped Pushpa to apply for General Nursing program.

She was qualified and received an admission letter from Emmanuel School of Nursing at Vishakapatnam. As soon as we got the admission details from Ambatoli CDC director, we informed her old sponsor about Pushpa Dhan’s higher studies opportunity. Her sponsor agreed to sponsor her Nursing school fees for 3 years. We are forever grateful to both the Ambatoli director who was looking out for career opportunities for this bright girl and to her sponsor who graciously took the challenge to continue to provide financial support for her college education. Pushpa has decided to take the career as a nurse. She is given opportunity to complete an Associate Degree in nursing called (General Nurse Midwifery), a 3 year nursing program at Emmanuel School of Nursing at Vishakhapatnam.

Pushpa’s story is one of the many success stories that inspire us to continue to reach out the underprivileged and marginalized young citizens of our home country. A young girl’s life will be forever changed through the support of her sponsor and Pushpa is just one among the 800+ students in our child development centers. We wish to provide some sort of vocational training to every child under our care but it is only possible when the sponsors graciously take up the financial responsibility. We thank God for opening the door for Pushpa Dhan.