The Final Exam – Great Tribulation and Day of the Lord

Revelation 3:10
(10) Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you
from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who
dwell on the earth.
Because of what will be happening at the end time, “persevering” or “courageously enduring”
without compromising will certainly be no small accomplishment. Yet Christ says that
because some of His people have been keeping His command to persevere, He will keep them
from the worst of it. They have already proved their faithfulness to Him; He knows where
they stand, He sees their track record with Him, and He will not require them to experience
everything that the rest of humanity will suffer.
In colleges and universities, some professors make the final exam at the end of a semester
optional. This means that students take the final only if they need to bring their overall
average up. But if a student already has an A from other tests and class work, the professor
figures the student has already proved himself, and does not require him to take the final
This approach is comparable to Revelation 3:10. If the Christian is already faithfully
persevering and resisting the spiritual foes, God may not require that he endure the very
hardest test to prove what is in his heart. He has already proved it consistently through the
course of his life.
However, if, like a stereotypical first-year college student, he has frittered away his time,
becoming involved in matters having nothing to do with college, he will have to prove where
he stands. The final exam in this case is the Great Tribulation and Day of the Lord, so it is in
our best interest that we students demonstrate to the Teacher that we are serious before the
end of the semester.
Are you a ‘good and faithful child of God?’

Kurian Varghese(Vice-president)