Back to School Building – Aug 2021

Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Psalms 130:7 says “Israel(God’s chosen one) put your hope in the Lord”.

As we march forward into August 2021, Light the Candle family would like to encourage you and remind you to find your hope and strength in the Lord. This is the beginning of a new academic year in the United States and all parents are preparing their children for a restart after a long home schooling/virtual school year. There are anxieties,  uncertainties and many unanswered questions that are hovering over the minds of all parents in context to current pandemic situation. Some of the children may be facing totally new environments, new schools, and new friends etc. We all wonder if they will be able to adapt and function?

One of the best ways to calm our children’s minds and help them understand is by telling them our own stories. Many of us came to this country with so much uncertainties in our mind. Sharing those memories can help our children become more confident about the challenges they have to face. All children are vulnerable to changes despite the resources, supports, tools and technology available to them in this tech era. Pray with them as you plan the new school year for them.

Updating you the mission field activities. God answered our prayers by resolving FINANCIAL restrictions on all charitable organization receiving foreign funds. Most of our projects got approval for receiving foreign funds. We thank you for your continous prayers and support.  See the attached pictures below. These beautiful art works are created by our children from Delhi slums and other projects as well. These children don’t have their basic needs met regularly. Yet they adapt and learn new things so quickly. It is encouraging to us to see their progress and these joyful stories recharge us to take a leap of faith to take Light the Candle even to a higher level. In the photo below on you will note a small girl watering a small plant. In the new curriculum, we emphasize a lot on taking care of earth. We are called to be the stewards of this earth which is to be taught and made real to our children. When we take care of GOD’s creation, it gives us HOPE for tomorrow. Navajyothi, Kalinga Orissa project reported that they celebrated World Environmental Day in June 2021. See attached few photos of their World Environmental Day activities. Our children in this country can also follow some of these steps to take care of the earth which is God’s creation. These are the actions that strengthen all of us to “BUILD EACH OTHER UP “ for tomorrow. Remember these CDC children are from very remte villages. Some of them seeing computers, getting formal training, getting good lessons, getting meals everyday because of your generous contribution to them.

As you all know, currently we have 8 projects and more than 850 children attending our program. The financial burden is more than what we can take on, yet we decided to move forward with new project proposals because there is a large need to enrich the poor children in these villages. We need sponsorship for more than 200 children and we pray that God will provide before December 31, 2021. Please make your sincere effort to share about LTC with your friends and families so we can get more sponsors this year. Please join us in taking responsibilities of more children in our projects.

This month we testify once again that our faithful God answers our prayers. If you have any prayer requests, please send it to Aug 13 2021 is set apart as International Youth Day. Please remember to spread the message of hope in the Lord, amoung Youth and children on that day (or more days).
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As we wrote in the first line, find your HOPE and strength in the Lord, He is our refuge.

Yours in Christ,

John Geevarghese