Pass It On

Judges 2:10, NIV: “After that whole generation had been gathered to their
ancestors, another generation grew up who knew neither the LORD nor what he
had done for Israel.”
The book of Judges is the history of the nation of Israel after the death of
Joshua. We see a repeated pattern throughout the book. The people serve God
and are blessed by God. In their prosperity they forget God and serve idols. They
go into subordination to their enemies, and in their misery, they cry out to God
who delivers them.
And as they serve God, He prospers them and, in their prosperity, they forget
God and serve other gods. And over and over, and over.
Why this vicious cycle? Why does it seem to repeat itself throughout the history
of the church? How can we escape this cycle?
This sad verse represents the fear of every generation faithful to the Lord. How
do you raise those who will come after you to be faithful to God, as well?
Joshua, Israel’s great and faithful leader, died at an old age and was buried. All
the people of his generation soon die off, as well. They are said to be “gathered
to their fathers,” meaning that they join the previous generations who have
Now the next generation takes over. These children and grandchildren of
Joshua’s generation are said to “not know” the Lord. In this context, that simply
means they didn’t acknowledge God’s authority.
Add to that the temptations of the Canaanites’ religious and immoral culture,
and the results will be disastrous.
Let us observe the things happening in our homes, in our Church, in our
community, in our nation and all around the world. Did you see a similarity here
just like the second and third generation of Israelite’s?


Kurian Varghese