God’s work in You

Philippians 2:13 “For it is God which worketh IN YOU both to will and to do of
his good pleasure.”

Paul had to learn to trust in God’s grace, goodness, and love for him when he sinned or failed.
Before, as a Pharisee, he would run to the temple to offer a sacrifice for his sins. But now, he
had to trust Jesus as his sacrifice for sins and believe they had been removed forever. He had
to have faith that God had forgiven him once and for all and that the peace in his heart didn’t
come from what he did for God but in what Jesus did for him.
Over time, Paul began to see God’s character known as the “fruit of love” being birthed in his
heart and controlling his life. He was seeing the salvation of God working its way out from the
inside to the outside for the world to see. In the beginning, this process was frightening
because it was a new way to relate to God. In addition, the very idea his body could be the
home for God’s presence was kind of mind-blowing for a Jew who knew that priests who
messed up in the Holy of Holies dropped dead.
Now, Paul was the home of God’s precious Holy Spirit, and his body and spirit had become
the Holy of Holies. This meant he no longer had to strive for righteousness because in Christ,
he was righteous. He didn’t have to try to be holy because as a new creation in Christ, he was
made holy.
As a temple of God what attributes of God is working its way out from the inside of you for
the world to see?



Kurian Varhgese