What We Do

Light the Candle International Inc, focuses on Child Development Centers (CDC) for underprivileged children in remote villages of non-developed countries. Light the Candle International Inc (LTC) identifies committed and established Christian organizations to launch our child development (CD) projects. Each CD project obtains consent from the parents to have their children participate in the centers activities.

Child development projects are specially designed to help underprivileged children to get nutritional needs, academic tutoring support, personality development, medical support, hygiene supplies  and spiritual lessons.  At a typical project, children come to the center every weekday. The project provides children with breakfast prior to school so they have the nutrition they need to function at their best. Mornings are spent in short worship time and preparation for school lessons. The children then disperse to their local schools for academic lessons. In the afternoon they are provided with a snack and academic tutoring. High School children get intense academic training and all the support system for their academic success. During weekends, physical activities, talent program, parents meeting, medical camp, spiritual lessons and other social activities are held. We follow a strict calendar to train children on very specific survival skills those are required in this modern era. We train them on skills such as – Bicycle training, Self defense, training on reaching out to emergency help line, Basic Internet skills  etc.